Dear Students and Parents,

The Summer Reading program at Forman is built around the belief that reading over the summer is fundamentally important to maintaining and building students' reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Additionally, the Summer Reading program presents us with the opportunity to nurture a love of reading. The Summer Reading list has been created with a focus on contemporary fiction and nonfiction, with the specific intent of offering high interest, accessible selections.


Choosing the Books:
Students who are enrolled in Honors English classes in the fall must read at least three books, and all other students must read at least two. The list is organized by genre this year, and students may pick any title, regardless of what grade they will be entering in the fall.

Included on the Summer Reading website are descriptions of each book to help you make your selection.

Completing a Project:
This year, we are asking students to create a project that reflects their engagement with and understanding of the book they've read. This project must be completed over the summer. Students have many options, including creating a book trailer or poster, a video, a new book cover, or an artistic representation (through drawing, paint, collage or sculpture) of the book. Specific guidelines, information and rubrics, as well as the Summer Reading list, are included on the Summer Reading website.

Book Critique:
For the second (or third book for those enrolled in Honors English), students may choose to complete a brief book critique instead of a second project. The book critique form is included on the Summer Reading website.

Our goal is that these student-created book projects will be used to promote these books to other students throughout the school year.

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!


Sara Kelley-Mudie
Director of Library Services and Research Instruction

Casey Leenders-Redington
Chair of the English Department