It's around the back. . .

The Shakers:
Encyclopedia Britannica article:

Not finding a lot of substance beyond their official site

Daniel Chester French:
There's lots of stuff in the Biography Resource Center

Edith Wharton:
Again, I'll recommend the Biography Resource Center

Alice's restaurant + Arlo Guthrie:
Links and articles on Guthrie in Biography Resource Center Not having any luck finding the Courant article, but I'll keep looking. I found a few others I'll put in your box.
There is an "Alice's Restaurant" movie. . .

W.E.B. Dubois
(Yep, born in Great Barrington)
Again, Biography Resource Center
Looking for info about the graffiti piece, but not finding much yet


Biography Resource Center , which I keep referring you to, has lots of articles and links; I can't post the links or articles here, because it's a subscription database.